Worldwide, 800,000 tons of clothing end up in landfills every year. We rescued part of this waste and, together with Mexican artisans, we created a wide variety of textile products.

Sie7e Fibras was created by Lanera Textil, a family business founded in the heart of Mexico in 1948. Currently, it exports over 600 thousand items made by Mexican artisans to the United States market every year. In 2021 we became the first Mexican company to export traditional garments made with recycled fibers to Europe.

We take care of every step of the production process of our garments, as well as the social and ecological impact of each one of them. Woven piece by piece, each of our garments is unique.

Our efforts have a purpose, to achieve a world in which we do not speak of waste, only of raw materials.

By recreating new products from textile waste, we contribute to a cleaner world and try to set an example to the highly polluting textile industry.

We work the entire production process from the responsibility and honesty, to make you get an original, handmade and sustainable product.

Sie7e Fibras is a pioneer company in textile recycling in Latin America. We collect, classify, recycle, and re-develop textile products. We recycle textiles in a non-traditional way in Mexico and above all, without an environmental impact.

Of course, our recycling process wasn’t invented in a split second. Rather, it took years of hard work, follow-up, trial and errors to achieve items aimed at those interested in acquiring textile products also manufactured with a social commitment.

Dedication and knowledge, added to the experience of our fellow artisans, come together to reuse, recycle, and recreate materials, saving textiles from being discarded.

Our products made with recycled yarn are today an affordable, sustainable, and world-class eco-friendly option.

Making a garment with recycled yarn increases respect for the finished piece. Made with high-quality sustainable materials and hand-finished by craftsmen, each of our pieces is made into a unique garment.

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