Falsa blanket or mexican blanket

These blankets depict Mexican culture through their ethnic patterns and vibrant colors. Made with a blend of recycled acrylic, polyester, and cotton fibers, woven on a traditional Jacquard loom and hand finished by artisans with many years of experience. Our blankets have a timeless quality and style: they have literally stood the test of time.

Beautiful, thick, and traditional, the Falsa Blankets or Mexican blankets are perfect for practicing yoga, for sitting comfortably and warm on a cold day in the forest, resting on the grass or having a picnic in the park or on the beach. Great for outdoor concerts, camping, night walks or even as decoration. They are ideal to keep you cozy and warm in bed at night. Falsa blankets are also the best gift for your furry companion —cats and dogs adore them!

They are the best for keeping you warm and supported during yoga practice and for snuggling up on the couch. They have a long shelf life, with each wash they become softer and firmer.

Our Falsa Blankets are durable, and many withstand years of wear and tear, without fading colors or seams coming apart. This durability makes them perfect for use in yoga studios.

This durability makes them perfect for use in yoga studios.

Ideal to decorate any space

We distribute from Spain.

Made of 100% recycled fibers.

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